Working in the UK for international students, Part 1: Finding a part time job

workparttimestudent      There are many opportunities for part time work in York – examples include retail, catering/hospitality, customer service, marketing, social care and more. If you have specific skills and experience other positions will be available – these may involve IT, admin, marketing, research or translation skills for example. There are some opportunities to work on campus but the majority of jobs are in the city of York.

Finding vacancies

Searching Careers Gateway, our online database is a good starting point – use the Opportunity Type filter:

“Part time work while studying (up to 20 hours per week)”

You can include a location search to specify campus jobs – although these will be limited.

Full details of the job and what the employer is looking for will be included in the vacancy listing. The advert will also include application details – this could be by submitting a CV, completing an application form or by telephone.  Think about the skills the employer is asking for and think about how you can give evidence of your skills  – these could be from work experience, experiences as a member of a sports/social clubs, volunteering activities etc.

Careers Gateway is a great starting point – but there are lots of other places to look. Our Information sheet called “Finding Temporary Work in York” on our Working During your studies page has lots more suggestions, advice and top tips – including a sample CV and cover letter for part time work.

Don’t have work experience?

  • Get involved in activities that will allow you to develop transferable skills – volunteering, sports clubs, societies
  • Look for jobs where experience isn’t essential but you can demonstrate the right skills or personal attributes
  • Come and talk to us for more advice

Immigration matters

It is very important that you understand the restrictions that apply to you under your Tier 4 visa. You must not work more than your permitted hours.  This means that if you work 10 hours one week, you are NOT allowed to work more than 20 hours the following week to make up the difference.  You can find out more about working during your studies on the Immigration Advice Service pages. These pages also include careers information about working during your studies. The UKCISA website is also a great source of information.

If you intend to work during your time at York you will need to apply for a National Insurance Number. (NI)

Your rights at work

You are entitled to be paid the National Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage (over 25)  for your work . The rates are reviewed each year in October and you can find details on the website. You can find out more about your rights in the workplace on our website.

Getting help

You can speak to us at our information drop-in session in Careers most days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11am – 1.00pm) No booking necessary and you can come with a friend or a small group if you need the same information. Come and talk to us if you are not sure what jobs you can apply for, any issues with applying for your NI number, if you are applying for jobs but not being successful, or anything you are not clear about.  Good luck!

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