Find a job in China: Online pre-employment classes and employer information sessions for Chinese students

As a Chinese student living in York, you might ask when you should start looking for job opportunities back home in China. You may have questions about how you can write a CV that gets attention from Chinese employers, how to prepare for different types of interviews in China or how you might negotiate your salary.  There is a lot to learn about successful job hunting in China – and now there is help while you are still at York!

Lockin China as the largest recruitment platform specialising in supporting overseas students, is now inviting experienced HR and employers to bring you a series of online classes that give an overview of employment trends in China and valuable job hunting tips. You will even have the opportunity to interact with HR representatives from top Chinese companies and apply for jobs during the classes.

The classes run 3 days a week throughout May with the following themes:

  • Tuesday – focuses on Chinese Labour Market and provides employment tips
  • Thursday – interactive topics and the chance to ask questions of guest speakers
  • Saturday – talk with HR representatives from top Chinese companies with open job opportunities to apply for

Check out full details here: May Calendar Chinese classes and join the classes here.


人在国外,应该什么时候开始进入国内招聘流程? 一份好的适合机筛的简历长什么样?国内的面试类型有哪些,应该如何准备?怎样跟HR谈薪水?求职的学问不止你想的那么简单。Lockin China作为中国最大的海归职业发展平台, 邀请资深HR 和企业代表带你深入了解中国求职市场,帮你提前做好求职准备。除了求职指导,你更有机会与热门企业HR 在线互动并即时申请职位。




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