Searching for graduate internships in the UK

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start searching for graduate internships.  Most international students will have a 4 month period at the end of their studies where you can work full time for any employer on their Tier 4 visa – without needing any additional immigration permission. This could be a great chance for you to get some UK work experience before you go home. Useful sites to search include:


You could also use job search engines such as or to identify possible opportunities.

What you are NOT looking for:

  • A large graduate recruiter’s summer internship programme, targeted at penultimate year undergraduates.
  • Roles that suggest it’s a trial for a permanent position – so look out for phrases like “temp to permanent” – it’s less likely that an employer will consider you if they know your Tier 4 visa expires in a few months
  • Internships that are advertised to last longer than 4 months – unless you are considering getting a Tier 5 visa
  • Where the vacancy specifies that you should be a graduate from a specific university

You might also be able to create your own opportunity – do you have experience, knowledge or skills that could convince an employer to recruit you short term for a project to support their business?  Check out our Tier 5 Toolkit (see the useful links box) for ideas and suggestions on how to do this.










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