Workshop for Chinese students – prepare for the graduate job market now!

Friday 20 October 5.30pm A/EW/003 

Pre employment workshop for Chinese students – helping you prepare for the job market in China

Sign up now to secure your place.

Once again Lockin China will visit York as part of its Global 80 Days Event for Overseas Talent.

This exciting event will give you the chance to learn about the economic environment in China  and discover the latest information on the job market for graduates. You will gain a better understanding of the recruitment processes employers in China use, and advice on the best time to apply.

You will also have the chance to develop skills to prepare your resume to make it suitable for the Chinese job market – and to make sure it is not sifted out through initial online screening processes that employers and recruiters use.

Online assessment tests are also commonly used in China in many sectors and this session will give you a better understanding of these.

Finally there will be a focus on the different types of interviews – structured and non structured, leaderless group discussions, one to one interviews etc – and you will have a chance to practice your techniques.

Last year our students who attended reported that this was a valuable event – we would encourage you to attend.  Sign up today to take part.



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