How to prepare a CV for the job market in China

CV/resume Writing: Components of a Chinese CV/resume – by Lockin China

During the 80 Days Event for Talents from Overseas, Lockin China got a lot of feedback from students at hosting universities and scanned thousands of CVs from overseas students. We found that many students are confused about the difference of CV/resume writing in China and other countries.  Therefore, we are sharing with you which components a Chinese CV/resume has and doesn’t have, so that job seekers may avoid the tragedy caused by missing points or verbosity.

1. Chinese CVs/resumes are not a part of job applications, somehow, they are seen as identical things. So Chinese applicants do not need a cover letter, a motivation letter or even a transcript. It doesn’t mean that HRs do not care why job seekers are applying for their job or their behaviors at universities. In China, HRs are making the first phone call to applicants to check their motivation instead.

2. A Chinese CV/resume should have a photo. In some areas, job seekers are usually not required to upload their photos to their CVs/resumes. But in China, HR’s are more willing to look at an applicant’s CV/resume by seeing the photo. This photo should be professional, either Chinese or foreign professional style. But please note: never use your selfie as your profile.

3. New graduates might not have much work experience. Because of this, HRs will firstly check their educational background to see whether he or she is a good student . In the opinion of the HR, good students have a better ability to learn and could consequently learn to work more efficiently. In this situation, the ranking and branding of the University attended by the job seeker plays an important role.

4. Global components: in almost every country, job seekers should mention their basic info such as name, correspondence as well as language skills, computer skills and work/internship experience. While writing a Chinese CV/resume, job seekers are recommended to use professional vocabulary.

5. A special column regarding the job description should be added. As mentioned in Point 1, Chinese applications do not request a motivation letter. However, job seekers can write some special words regarding the position they are applying for. E.g., students applying for a position at Decathlon should mention their interests in sports and those applying to A&F should elaborate on their sense of fashion.


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