Careers support over Christmas vacation

Christmas is coming – but we’ll be available over most of the vacation if you need help.

Because it’s vacation time we do have fewer appointments running – you can check online which appointments are available (this page is updated weekly). It’s useful to know that if there are no CV review appointments available, you can book a Careers Advice appointment and have your CV reviewed by a Careers Consultant.

If you have a quick question, the Enquiry desk will be staffed most days over the vacation so pop in and we will try to help you straight away if we can. If you are travelling any distance to see us please ring in advance to make sure the desk will be staffed when you arrive.

Did you know that you can send questions to us through the Query function in Careers Gateway?  Just log into Careers Gateway  and email us your question.  This is a great way to get in touch with us when you are not regularly on campus – it allows us to allocate your question quickly to a member of the team, and we can keep a record of any conversations we have with you – so if you get in touch again you don’t have to explain everything to us twice!

For those of you who have signed up to the event for Postgraduate students on 6 December, there will be a session on making the most of your visa – with tips and ideas for finding work and experience before your visa expires.

And of course, all our online resources, including our pages specifically for international students, will be available for you to read over the vacation.

If you missed it – check out our blog on making the most of your Christmas vacation!


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